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Safe Opening Services

  • Chubb Safe
  • Tann Safe
  • john Tann Safes
  • Stratford Safes
  • Ratner safes
  • Dudley safes
  • Fichet safes
  • SMP safes
  • SLS safes
  • Rosengrens safes
  • Churchill safes
  • Withers safes
  • Chatwood safe
  • Chatwood Milner safes
  • Hobbs safes
  • Milner safes
  • Levy safes
  • Cordon safes
  • Leabank safes
  • Pheonix safes
  • GB safes
  • Leigh safes
  • Secureline safes
  • Burton safes
  • Burgwatcher safes
  • Yale safes
  • Salvus safes
  • Juwel safes
  • Sistec safes
  • Alpha safes
  • Rottner safes
  • Securikey safes
  • Dreadnought safes
  • Sentry safes
  • Ratner safes
  • Safetronics safe
  • Brattonsound gun safe
  • Omega safes

Safe Engineer Services

Brooks & Daughters can change the safe combination code and make safe key changes, We can alter existing safe locks if the keys are stolen or you are worried about old member of staff having keys to your business safe.

To have us provide the most accurate price to you over the phone please have the following information available
  • Safe colour
  • Safe make or manufacturer
  • Safe combination
  • Electronic safe combination
  • Whether the safe is key operated
  • The safes handle shape
  • Where the safes handle is in relation to keyway
  • Send us a picture of your safe the needs opening
  • You can take a picture of your problem safe using you mobile phone and send it to Lee on 07856 408 407

How to Open a Safe

If it was easy to open a safe then it would not be a very good place to store your valuables.
Opening a Safe or Safe cracking is a highly specialised skill which only come about through years of experience as a safe contractor.
Lee Brooks has that experience having opened many types including: business safes, Floor safes, Infloor safes, Wall safes, Fire rated safes, Document safes, Laptop safes, Gun safes, Deposit safes, Data and Computer security, Key safes and cabinets, Fire resistant cabinets and Vehicle safes

Servicing Your Safe

We provide safe servicing and safe maintenance: as with all mechanical parts at some point they will need to be serviced. Especially when for floor safe (in floor safes) because of the additional dirt, the same is true of wall safe.
An Electronic safe will periodically need a battery change.

Solving Safe Problems and Opening safes

Brooks & Daughters provide a full safe fault finding service with diagnostics, Snapped safe keys and lost safe combinations.

icon To find out how we can help with all your business safe or home safe needs call Lee us on 0208-715-0974.